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Pakistan/Germany: PTA met with German Consul General

Posted by FNA on 15 May 2012 

Pakistan’s leather and leather products exports to Germany grew by 45% during last fiscal year, according to representatives of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) who have recently met up with German Consul General.

However, leather goods imported from Pakistan are not consumed by the German market itself, and some of them are re-exported to neighbouring countries, sources reported.

Tilo Klinner, the Consul General of Germany, hoped that Pakistan would soon earn free access to the European markets through the EU GSP plus scheme.

Klinner said cooperation between the two economies greatly relied on the areas and sectors that satisfied the most urgent and extreme needs of Pakistani society.

He assured that he would raise PTA’s plea for transfer of technology for recycling wastewater at least for use in industries, before concerned parties.

PTA Diplomatic Committee Chairman Gulzar Feroze said leather and leather items exports to Germany grew at a year-on-year rate of 45% to US$140 million during the last fiscal.

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