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APLF - Design na Pele - Leather & Design - Brazilian leather creativity and innovation at APLF MM&T 2014

Design, innovation, inspiration and creativity. By presenting the project Design na Pele at APLF MM&T, in Hong Kong, Brazil presented the world with the new direction leather production has been taken in the country, connecting the well recognized quality and tradition of the Brazilian leather industry to the country’s great creative potential and cultural richness.
03 Apr 2014

APLF Hong Kong - A busy Day 2

According to the Italian based web site LeatherInsiders, the second day of the 30th APLF fair was even busier than the first one and confirms the status of APLF as the world’s leading leather event.
03 Apr 2014

Hong Kong - Superseven from Bergi exhibits at APLF

International Leather Maker reports that Superseven is the latest generation rotary press for ironing and embossing that substitutes the well known previous models: Kombipress and Superpress from Italian machinery makers, Bergi.
28 Mar 2014

Hong Kong - Oils and waxes from Sarchem at APLF

Sarchem, a leading Turkish leather chemical producer, will be offering technical information on its innovative products and processes that offer tanners ecological and economical benefits.
28 Mar 2014

Hong Kong - Wet-white highlight from Silvateam at APLF

In the leather industry, the awareness of environmental problems has increased considerably and, during recent years, protecting environment has become a global issue. In response to this, Sivateam will be promoting its Blancotan wet-white system during the APLF in Hong Kong.
28 Mar 2014

Hong Kong - Stahl to highlight upgrading technology at APLF’s Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (MM&T)

A wide range of pigmented and semi-aniline fashion articles will be presented at APLF’s Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (MM&T) 2014, with special focus on leathers representative of leading OEM’s. Upgrading technology remains a focus of Stahl, as the demand for soft, high quality systems on lower grade raw materials continues to dominate the industry.
25 Mar 2014
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