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International Trade - TPP accelerates footwear sourcing shift to SE Asia

Footwear importers are doing more business in Southeast Asia than ever before, and imports from that region will grow even faster if the U.S. approves the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

29 May 2015

Turkey - Dilemma for Turkish suppliers to the Russian market

The president of Turkey’s leather and leathergoods exporters’ union, Mustafa Senocak, has called on the government in Ankara to intervene after his member companies submitted a complaint saying customers in Russia are withholding payment for garments made from double-face or nappa that they have already delivered, reports Leatherbiz.

28 May 2015

Brazil - Leather exports decline facing economic difficulties

Economic difficulties felt by several sector during these first months of 2015 have now caused an impact in the Brazilian leather sector. The value of leather and skins exports in Brazil has decreased 19,5% in relation to the same period last year.

27 May 2015

China - Lower import taxes favour exporters to China

China will lower import taxes on some consumer goods including skincare products, Western-style clothing and nappies starting from June 1, to help bolster domestic consumption as the authorities step up efforts to prop up a faltering economy.

27 May 2015

Hidenet Weekly Video Report for May 24th 2015

Europe is working hand to mouth except in the automotive sector as tanneries try to keep inventories low. Generally the market has a softer undertone.

26 May 2015

China - China leather industry will continue to grow at a slower pace in 2015

Su Chaoying, president of CLIA (China Leather Industry Association) reviewed the overall operational economical status of leather industry in 2014 and deeply analyzed the difficulties for leather industry at the 8th Session of the 7th General Council Meeting held recently.

19 May 2015
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