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Hidenet Presents First Interactive International Leather Forum

Hidenet Presents First Interactive International Leather Forum

21 Nov 2014

Pakistan – Turkey - Pakistan tanners look to export more to Turkey

The Turkish Commercial Attaché to Pakistan, Murat Mustu, said on November 18 that the 6th round of talks for signing a Preferential Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Turkey will be concluded at the next meeting.

20 Nov 2014

Argentina - Leather exports prejudice local production

Leathergood and footwear manufacturers in Argentina have made a formal complaint to the country’s federal government, saying jobs in their sectors are at stake because of a lack of local leather.

19 Nov 2014

Vietnam - Investment conference for leather sector

With the support from the Ministry of Trade, the Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association (LEFASO) invited the U.S Footwear, Distributors and Retailers Association (FDRA) to organize an export promotion conference for leather and footwear to help to improve the capability of businesses and exporters from Vietnam’s leather and footwear enterprises.

17 Nov 2014

Hidenet Weekly Video Report for November 16th 2014

Hidenet publisher Don Ohsman reports that in Europe business is slow and one if the reasons is the problem in obtaining finance for Hides or even Letters of Credit. There is buyer interest but this is being stymied by financial factora.

17 Nov 2014

Italy - Assocal will call for “a relaunch” of Italian manufacturing

Italian footwear manufacturers’ association Assocalzaturifici (Assocal) has said it supports recent government proposals to reduce labour costs and make manufacturing in Italy more competitive.

14 Nov 2014
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