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Hidenet Weekly Video report for August 23rd 2015

In the last report before the start of ACLE in Shanghai Hidenet publisher Don Ohsman notes that steer prices were steady with the exception of Heavy Texas Steers that rise by about US$2.

25 Aug 2015

Hidenet Review of Platform Show Show in Las Vegas

Reporting for Hidenet from Las Vegas at the Platform Shoe Show which is part of the UBM Magic event, Scott Ohsman notes that lower leather prices could encourage an increase in the use of leather in footwear manufacture.

24 Aug 2015

United States of America - China still has an 80% share of shoe exports to US

Footwear imports into the US in the first quarter of 2015 reached 713.1 million pairs in volume and $6.7 billion in value, growth of 8.7% in volume and 8.5% in value compared to the same quarter last year

20 Aug 2015

Mexico - Imports of cheap shoes decline

Consumers in Mexico bought 303 million pairs of shoes in 2014.

19 Aug 2015

Bangladesh - Leather sector's exports cross $1b for second year

Exports of leather and leather goods crossed US$1 billion for the second year in fiscal 2014-15, according to data from the Export Promotion Bureau.

18 Aug 2015

Hidenet Weekly Video Report for August 16th 2015

Reporting from the Platform part of the Magic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hidenet publisher Don Ohsman categorized the rise in US steers by US$1 – US$4 this week as “Amazing”.

18 Aug 2015
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