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Hidenet Weekly Video Report for January 25th 2015

In this week’s report Hidenet publisher Don Ohsman reports that activity in Europe was steady with little change in prices.

27 Jan 2015

Brazil - Footwear companies predict export increase in 2015

The Brazilian Footwear Industry Association (Abicalçados) is expecting an increase in exports in 2015. Last year, the sector faced a reduction in sales, which resulted, according to the Association’s president, Heitor Klein, with the loss of 24,000 jobs.

26 Jan 2015

Footwear - China loses market share to Vietnam in USA

U.S. footwear import data have revealed the extent of the shift in sourcing that last year saw manufacturers steadily expanding production in Vietnam at the direct expense of China’s market share.

22 Jan 2015

United States of America - US hides and skins face 30-day backlog

Leading international news site Leatherbiz reports that the US Hide, Skin and Leather Association (USHSLA) is requesting an urgent resolution of labour disputes at West Coast Ports, now putting delays for hides and skins between 21 and 30 days.

20 Jan 2015

Hidenet Weekly Video Report for January 18th 2015

Reporting from Scotsdale Arizona Hidenet publisher, Don Ohsman, notes that in the first full week of activity in Europe was fairly quiet with decent demand from Asia.

20 Jan 2015

International Interactive Leather Forum Video

Just before Christmas, Hidenet produced the first Forum of its kind. Headlined by CLIA president Su Chaoying, leading members of the Chinese tanning industry discussed the most important topics affecting the country’s tanning industry.

20 Jan 2015
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