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Brazil - Design na Pelle - July 8th, during Francal, in São Paulo

Designers, fashion stylists, as well as representatives from the leather, footwear, handbags and accessories industries will finally have the chance to see the second edition of Design na Pele on Brazilian soil.

23 Jun 2015

Marketing - Brazilian Design na Pele is an example of dynamic marketing

Design na Pele or Leather in Design is a creative and dynamic initiative by the Brazilian Leather Project to demonstrate the scope that leather – in this case Brazilian leather – can possess when it comes to attractive designs.

01 Jun 2015

Brazil – Leather in Design: Design na Pele first week of exhibition in Milan

One of the most celebrated design events in Italy, this year Brazil S/A kept a special place for leather produced in Brazil. Since April 14th, leather sector’s most innovative project yet,  Design na Pele is being presented at the exhibition that takes place at Università Degli Studi Di Milano, in Milan.

03 May 2015

Technology - 3D printed basketball shoe wins Silver Award

While a number of projects have already tried to 3D print beautiful and comfortable shoes, they have proven exceptionally difficult to 3D print. However, that it can be done is proven by Chinese designer Zhang Xiaolong, who has just won the Silver Award at the Global Footwear Design Competition.

27 Apr 2015

Italy - Brazilians showcase leather designs in Milan

Brazilian tanneries and designers making up the Design na Pele project are showcasing their work at a design event at Milan University until May 24, reports Leatherbiz 

20 Apr 2015

Judicial - Nike to sue former shoe designers

Sportswear giant Nike has filed a lawsuit against three of its former senior shoe designers, accusing them of stealing the company's commercial secrets and joining German rival Adidas...

17 Dec 2014
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