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Russia/Hong Kong: UBM Asia joins hands with RESTEC to expand Russian jewellery fairs

Posted by FNA on 26 Apr 2013 
Exhibition organiser UBM Asia has entered into a strategic partnership with RESTEC Group on the leading B2B jewellery fairs in Russia.

The partnership will start with the 2014 editions of three of RESTEC's fairs namely Junwex St. Petersburg (February), Junwex New Russian Style (May) and Junwex Moscow (September).

Jime Essink, President & Chief Executive Officer of UBM Asia said: “RESTEC is the leader of jewellery exhibitions in Russia. We are very excited to partner with RESTEC in facilitating the global jewellery industry to extend further to the flourishing Russia market with our strong office network and extensive connection with the jewellery trade. Also, with RESTEC representing UBM Asia in Russia for our jewellery fairs, we are set to welcome more Russian buyers and exhibitors to our events.”

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