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Hidenet Weekly Video Report for March 22nd 2015
In Europe buyers are holding off due to high prices being asked and the even the Chinese are reluctant at these prices. The currency weakness of the euro is also complicating matters.
APLF MM&T 2015 - Brazilian leather is sure to fascinate visitors at APLF 2015

Brazil is sure to make its presence felt at the world’s largest and best exhibition within the leather, footwear and components segments: APLF – MM&T (Materials, Manufacturing & Technology).

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The Netherlands - Mongolia - Stahl work with Mongolian tanners on sustainable clothing project

On March 23, ADUU MAL presented its first products designed by the Dutch designer, Hans Ubbink.......

United Kingdom - Northampton's new footwear facility draws big names to launch
Leatherbiz reports that Mark Jeffery and Guy West, founders of Jeffery West, joined CEO of the British Footwear Association John Saunders to mark the opening of a workshop at the University of Northampton......
Automotive - Could the global automotive industry really need an extra billion square-feet?
In spite of smaller herd sizes and lower slaughter levels, the global tanning industry is going to have to find a way to supply an extra one billion square-feet of finished leather to automotive customers by 2020......
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